For customers from industry we offer three products along the value added chain.

volterion Redox-Flow-Stack

Redox flow stacks

  • 500 W - 2 kW power
    (depending on the customer’s requirements)
  • Stacks can be interconnected by modular plug and play, power output 10/20/30 kW
  • Completely laser welded stack
  • Totally leakage-free
  • Very small compact size

volterion Redox-Flow-Modul

Redox flow modules

  • Modules for up to 30 kW continuous output
  • Capacity can be customized depending on the customer’s requirements
  • Automated optimization of energy consumption
  • Including inverter and system control electronics
  • Including pumps and complete process technology
  • Ready for plug-and-play
  • Compact size
  • Customer is free to add tanks / housing / electrolyte

volterion Redox-Flow-System

Redox flow systems

  • Complete system for 6 - 50 kWh
    (individual power ranges depending on customer’s requirements possible)
  • Automated optimization of energy consumption
  • Compact size
  • Tanks, housing and electrolyte can be customized.