Within the past few years worldwide photovoltaic capacities have increased enormously. Yet, the individual consumption of self-generated solar energy by home owners is (still) increasing comparatively slowly. Thus, innovative energy storage solutions for fluctuating renewable energy sources are in demand. Existing technologies for stationary energy storage products are very expensive and their lifetime is too short.


In order to increase the individual consumption of self-generated solar energy private customers need cost-efficient, maintenance-free, and durable solutions. At the same time established power suppliers and producers are in search of their role on the future power market and are looking for new business models. The reason: many of today’s customers will sooner or later become producers and suppliers of power themselves.




With batteries based on the established redox flow technology volterion presents the basis for a broad market entry of home storage solutions:

  • Very long lifetime (> 20 years)
  • Very high cycle rate (> 10 000 times charging/discharging)
  • Independent scaling of electrical power and capacity

Redox flow batteries by volterion are competitive through:

  • The use of innovative materials in the production of bipolar graphite electrodes
  • Their innovative design and a novel production process with completely weldable redox flow stacks



will benefit from a fast return on investment and attractive prices per utilizable kWh storage capacity. The individual consumption of self-generated renewable energy can be raised from 30 to 80 percent.



will get cost-efficient, efficient, and durable storage solutions to generate new sales models with. Swarm storage concepts will become economic and marketable with high-cycle volterion batteries. Storage systems can be leased or sold to private customers. Excess solar or wind energy can be re-fed into the grid or can be forwarded to other private customers by connected swarm storages.


volterion will customize the storage according to the requirements of the customer and current demands of the market.